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Fifty Emails Package









Fifty Emails Package


Our high-volume Fifty Emails Package is perfect for clients with a higher volume of email deployments. It's also a great way to save money when considering a longer-term, lower-volume strategy.

Additional packages can be purchased as needed.

Get the best savings with our Fifty Emails Package, for short or long-term use.

Shortly after your payment has been made, you will receive access to your custom project board. On your project board you will be able to upload your design file, supporting documents, and any additional notes for the project. We will confirm receipt of your project details and begin development. Once development is completed, we will forward a link for you to view your developed email in all available browsers. At this point, you can begin your QA and request any additional updates. We will work through your requested updates and once you've confirmed there are no additional requests, we will send you a zip file containing the finalized HTML file along with any supporting assets. Yep! It's that easy.

  • Design file An editable design file must be submitted with each new request. While we do not limit the design platform, we do require full permissions allowing our team editor access to the design.
  • Link matrix A link matrix should be submitted with each new request. This link matrix will allow us to populate your clickable links and/or buttons with the URL destinations. Please include any additional tracking data for each URL.
    Note: Any request submitted without a link matrix will be returned with a placeholder "#" in place of the destination URL.
  • Manuscript A manuscript can be submitted in place of a link matrix. The manuscript should highlight full linking information to fulfill the linking matrix requirements listed above. A manuscript is also a great way for us to support your QA efforts by allowing us to compare the design file content to the manuscript content and raise any questions around content prior to returning your completed files.